My wife and I have tried many networking companies and at the time of our success, the company has gone out of business. We tried multiple ones, and haven't been able to succeed because of poor company management. So we just gave up! My daughter came to us one day, without any pain or medical symptoms, and we asked what she did to feel better? Plus she lost about 80 lbs.

She was now happier, her family happier, she was without pain and looking great. She began telling us about this great product, and how these products started changing her life. She stated she did nothing different, except start taking these products etc. We were sold on the product!

This company is committed to providing life-changing products and a unique and rewarding business opportunity. The combination of our products and opportunity help open the door to personal success and financial freedom. Our core beliefs are simple: Be Trustworthy, Be Honest, Be Reliable, and Be Responsible. These beliefs encompass all that we do. You can have confidence in the quality of products to succeed.

We have a winning team, full of testimonies. We invite you to join us!

About Us

We are the PROs - not intended to be arrogant, but these are our initials: Priscilla R Oebel, and Paul R Oebel. So "PRO" is very convenient.

Paul has been an entrepreneur most of his life, owning his own companies. Currently, along with this, he owns a website and graphic design company, for the past 20 years. He started out in network marketing back in his early 20's and was very successful at it, pulling in over $5000 a month, in just the first 45 days; and 35 years ago, in Texas, this was good money.

Priscilla has retired from the medical industry, serving for over 20+ years.

Together, we volunteer our time at our local church, and it's activities. Paul does the church media, and organizes an annual event called, Shop With A Hero. Priscilla serves pastries and coffee, each and every Sunday, for the members and guests. And we're both involved in other projects, such as Reality TV production, printing, and clothing, just to name a few. Paul also owns a printing company. No promises, but we think we can help you achieve extra income, and become healthier at the same time.

The Products And What They Do


Finally, there is a healthy solution to help you lose weight. The synergistic effect of when some products are taken together, can help you lose more weight faster than you ever thought possible! Combined with the other company weight loss products, you can experience quick results and keep the weight off. Click on each one for more information.

For a complete list of weight loss products, click here.


Over 76 million Americans suffer from discomfort each day. If you’ve been living with discomfort—back problems, muscle tension, joint soreness, headaches, and so forth—you may be wondering how to find real and lasting relief. The good news is this company has developed fast relief from discomfort, a cutting-edge, three-product system with a proprietary ingredient blend that will help you live happier, healthier, and discomfort-free. Click on each one for more information.

For a complete list of fast relief products, click here.


Good nutrition is the cornerstone of wellness, but effective and absorbable multi vitamin supplements can be hard to find. Luckily, this company has the solution. Featuring an innovative formula of New Zealand Blackcurrant and vitamins, These products are designed to make your family healthier and happier.

For a complete list of the multivitamins, click here.

Other Products for Breast Health, Detoxification, Body Creams, ProBiotics, Intestinal Track Cleaners, and others.


60 Day Guarantee

The company is so confident in the power of their products that they guarantee, after taking this product, the customer will notice a difference in their life. There is no risk. If retail customers are unsatisfied with a product purchased, they have up to 60 days from receipt of the product to receive a full refund. You literally have nothing to lose. They offer the ultimate product guarantee. Experience the difference and have the full confidence that if customers don't see results, they will give your money back. Read more on our company website.

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Becky G., R.N. – “I began taking "Company Product" a few months ago. I love the taste and the way I feel on the products. My energy level is amazing. In three months I lost 15 pounds and 11 inches. Over the holidays I was able to maintain my weight without denying myself. "Company" has amazing products and I am now making extra money just by sharing my story. Thank you "Company" for changing my life!“

Brandie W. – “Before starting "Product", I was hesitant. I started taking "Product" and after 6 weeks I lost 19 pounds and 7 inches. I have now lost over 25 pounds and feel great! I have noticed my anxiety decreasing and I have also lowered my cholesterol and my glucose levels are nearly perfect. Thanks to "Company" I have not only gained my health, I have gained my mind back too!“

Chris C. – “"Company" has changed my life! In just over six months I have lost a total of 39 pounds and dropped six pant sizes. I was reluctant to try the product at first, but I am so thankful that I did. Let the "Company" products change your life as it has mine.”

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